Old fashioned farmer’s head

The Duke of Berkshire®

Kind of meat



2,55 kg 6x250 g


For this old-fashioned dish, we use the heads and tongues of Duke of Berkshire pigs. We pickle the meat and cook it with thyme and bay leaf. Then we cut the meat into pieces and pour the spiced cooking juices over it, so that it coagulates into jelly by itself. Enjoy!

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Old fashioned farmer’s head

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The loin is a lean cut from the back that is prepared as a pork roast; what if you cut it into slices? Then you create a mignonette or a boneless cutlet.

Lean 70/30

The best minced meat comes from here.


The belly of the pig is one of the tastiest cuts.

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Set to work with our premium pork yourself, or tuck your feet under the table and enjoy a delicious morsel of The Duke of Berkshire®.

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