Wide range

An overview of our range is provided below.

  • Low & Slow Cooked pork belly

  • Salami

  • Pâté

  • Rillette

  • Côte à l'os

  • Belly

  • Tenderloin trimmed

  • Tenderloin

  • French rack 12 rib

  • Loin DOB (rindless deboned fillet)

  • Neck with bone

  • Belly DOB

  • Belly boneless

  • Shoulder DOB

  • Ham with bone

  • "The Berkshire breed is characterised by its distinct mild pork flavour, pink hue and juiciness as a result of a perfect amount of intramuscular fat."

    Willem Asaert
    (Culinary editor WeekendKnack)