• 23  october 2012

    "Tot op het Bot" - Johan Segers

    The Duke of Berkshire
    in Johan Segers’ latest book.

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  • 22  october 2012

    Horeca Expo - Chef's place

    You are very welcome to join us from Sunday 18 November 2012 to and including Thursday 22 November 2012.

    Flanders Expo Gent - Hall 8
    (Chef's Place)

  • 19  april 2012

    Butchers’ Week

    Perhaps you’ve already noticed on your weekly trip to the butcher’s: this week is butchers’ week! The perfect time to take a moment and consider the origin of the meat on your plate..

    If you love pork that is reared in your own region, you should opt for Duke of Berkshire. Berkshire pigs are a superior old English breed that has now also become well-established in West-Flanders.


  • 5  march 2012

    The Duke of Berkshire: The best flavour!

    Maya Detiège is taken in by The Duke of Berkshire’s new, varied flavour.

    On the Belgian television channel Eén, Bruno Wyndaele, Axel Daeseleire and Michiel Hendryckx went on a search to find the best pork for Maya Detiége.

    The Duke of Berkshire was their unanimous choice.

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The Duke inspires enthusiasm …